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Paul Mefano, President
Jean Louis Villeval, Vice-President and Treasurer
Sharon Kanach, Vice-Presidente
Marie Emmanuèle Verrier, Secretary
Bruno Rastoin
Pascale Criton
Katherine Vayne

Rodolphe Bourotte
Daniel Teige
Benoît Gibson
Jean-Noël von der Weid
Benny Sluchin
Hugues Genevois
Pierre Albert Castanet
Cyrille Delhaye

Berno Odo Polzer
Olga Touloumi
Laurence Boitard
Mihu Iliescu 

Dick Lucas
Henning Lohner
Robert Dupuy
Michel Retbi
Peter Hoffmann
James Harley
Curtis Roads
Jean-Claude Eloy

According to our By-laws,  new members are co-opted by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Board of the association. If you would like to join us, please contact us via the Contact link.