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François-Bernard Mâche_Tithon_examples

TITHON (1980) BY FRANÇOIS-BERNARD MÂCHE, SOUND EXCERPTS: 1. Extract from the original recording (46’’) 2. Other extract, at a slower pace: minus 1 octave (13’’) 3. Same kind of rhythmician insect (wart biter = decticus verrucivorus) 19’’ 4. Sound of the hidden melody (30’’) 5. Same melody minus 3 octaves. (45’’) 6. A midi file from the same melody (through Melodyne), (just for fun, for in the end I did not use the melody at all…) (45’’) These examples were used in demonstration during François-Bernard Mâche's lecture "UPIC Upside Down" during the "UPIC - Graphic Interfaces for Notation Conference at ZKM in September 2018: https://zkm.de/en/event/2018/09/upic-graphic-interfaces-for-notation-conference A version of this conference will be published by ZKM/CIX/Hatje Cantz in the book From Xenakis's UPIC to Graphic Notation Today and will be downloadable for free here: https://zkm.de/de/from-xenakiss-upic-to-graphic-notation-today