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Presentation of the complete film "the Sound of these Waves" by David Lieberman, first presented in Rouen during the Continuum conference there in November 2015.

In his book «Revealing Architectural Design: Methods, Frameworks and Tools”, Philip Plowright explains that every knowledge coming from an external discipline needs to be translated in order to be used as a designs principle in other discipline. This…

In this text, I explore the sonic inter-relations between space, time and timbre. The physical structure and the psycho-acoustical perception of these 3 dimensions of sound are inter-connected, and ,thus, are on a common psycho-physical continuum.…

4093-Curtis Roads_UTLC.mp4
Keynote et conférence donnée dans les cadre del' Université de toutes les cultures de l'Université de Rouen

Pitch is an intrinsically fascinating phenomenon. Words fail to describe the emotional impact of a beautiful melody, harmonic progression,…

A personal journey exploring the interdisciplinary nature of inspiration.

Dans cette présentation, je vais tâcher de résumer quelques idées développées au fil des
années, à partir de mon travail en tant que compositeur, concernant une approche multiéchelle
des organisations musicales, en les considérant en tant…

There is a superficial, and yet fundamental paradox at the core of Xenakis' work: whilst being the creator of atomised sound (granular synthesis) he was also preoccupied with sound's continuity; or later on his career, while he openly promoted the…

In 1991, a stochastic music piece called Gendy3 was produced entirely by a computer program written by the composer Iannis Xenakis at CEMAMu. In his words, Xenakis asked "What is a composer? A thinker and plastic artist who expresses himself through…
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