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Accueil > Activités du Centre > Colloques, journées d'études, forums > Continuum 2015-16 > Captation vidéos des conférences des 13 et 14 juin 2016. Université de Chypre

Captation vidéos des conférences des 13 et 14 juin 2016. Université de Chypre

Practice Walk

A personal journey exploring the interdisciplinary nature of inspiration.

The Polytope of Mycenae (1978) / I. Xenakis: structuring the space of the past through a futuristic architectonic approach

In 1978 Xenakis created at the Acropolis of Mycenae a unique event -in multiple places (polytopon)- a participatory art spectacle for the masses with…

Diakopès: historicizing continuum in the work of Iannis Xenakis

A later work (1966), the holiday house Xenakis designed for a musician, his friend F.B. Mâche, the only work realized in Greece (Xenakis…

Andrew Norman's The Companion Guide to Rome: Influence of Architecture and Visual Art on Composition

In the same way that the Cosmatesque floors in San Benedetto in Piscinula affect
the way one interacts with the space consciously or subconsciously,…

Xenakis's Transfer: The transdisciplinary compositional thinking as an inference-transfer process.

In his book «Revealing Architectural Design: Methods, Frameworks and Tools”, Philip Plowright explains that every knowledge coming from an external…

Reinventing the sense of continuity in urban structure through pauses


At first glance, the modern city constitutes a continuing united system in space-time. Roads, buildings, open spaces comprise the idea of urban…

Are Noise and Silence Part of the Same Continuum?

The underlying idea that noise and silence may constitute the two ends of the same continuum is the subject of our research. Noise and silence are…

Giacinto Scelsi's "Imprint" on the Continuum

An overview of Giacinto Scelsi's creative process, music and writings, focussing on the importance he gives to sound and particularly unisson. Could…

Sound and Homeomorphisms


There is a superficial, and yet fundamental paradox at the core of Xenakis' work: whilst being the creator of atomised sound (granular synthesis) he…

Musico-Spatial Design Research within the Continuum of Performance, Practice and the Academy


The presentation brings together reflections on the continuum of Performance, Practice and the Academy that aims to address the wider…

The genesis of structure: A narrative description of F. Romitelli’s Yellow, Green and Blue


In this paper I will present an analysis of Fausto Romitelli’s piece Yellow, Green and Blue aiming for the realization of the driving forces that…

Researching the Philosophy, Music, and Being of Xenakis’ Work from the I Ching Perspective


In 1991, a stochastic music piece called Gendy3 was produced entirely by a computer program written by the composer Iannis Xenakis at CEMAMu. In his…

Granulation and layering: Xenakis's Polytopes and Moholy Nagy's Light-Space Modulator


This paper looks at how sound, light and shadow performances could be achieved by the method of granulation and layering as demonstrated by the work…

The Sound of These Waves


Presentation of the complete film "the Sound of these Waves" by David Lieberman, first presented in Rouen during the Continuum conference there in…

Out of the Flames


A sonic inquiry into the multi-faceted, poly-temporal relationship between improvisation and composition. Solo Bass Clarinet perfrmances and…

The Allography machine


Architectural and music computational models have profoundly affected the ways we describe, interpret and evaluate existing architectural and musical…