Well, I say you are already ‘Layereding’


Well, I say you are already ‘Layereding’
Colloque International : De Xenakis à nos jours : Le Continuum et son développement en musique et en architecture


If layering is an arrangement which allows not only the navigation within any one of the layers and the navigation through different layers but also the creation of new layers in the form of assemblages, the components of which are entities encountered in other layers, then any element is neither a fragment nor a stable entity but rather a ‘trace’, the trajectory of which is an integral part of the identity it assumes at each moment of its journey. In such a setup the subject is not an outside perceiver but another layered entity with a memory which allows for changes in identity without dissolving the notion of the entity.
Even though, at least in the case of architectural practice, Layering is a technique used extensively to produce hand-drawn and digital design and construction documents, as well as in the actual construction itself, it is, compared to concepts such as collage, montage, bricolage or folding, less, if at all, investigated in the field of architecture but also in art or philosophy,
Freud compares the way the brain stores information with the way Rome, the Eternal City, is layered. And while there are of course important differences, what is attempted is an investigation into the potentials offered by using layering as a model for thinking and designing. From a rather personal methodology for painting, to proposals for the buffer zone dividing Cyprus into the north and the south, to a novel way of writing, the present project playfully navigates through diverse material which is itself layered while layering the subject exposed to it who is consciously or not already engaged in layering anyway. It could thus be said that the proposed paper is all about ‘layereding’ a term expressing both the passive and the active component of the phenomenon of being layered while being engaged in the action of layering.


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Centre Iannis Xenakis
École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Normandie (Darnétal, Seine-Maritime)
Université de Rouen
European University of Cyprus
University of Cyprus


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