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UPIC in Residence

UPIC in Residence

The UPIC, software for music composition by means of drawing, has spearheaded the activities of the associations preceding what is now the CIX (CCMIX, Ateliers UPIC). A new version of this software has been developed, with the help of a team of seven Master’s students in Computer Engineering at the University of Rouen, organized by Stéphane Hérauville and under the technical and musical supervision of Rodolphe Bourotte, founding member of the CIX. A first version was delivered in May 2014. Development will continue throughout the academic year 2015-16.

It will therefore be possible to organize UPIC training / composition sessions beginning in the summer of 2016. These residences can be tailored to all audiences from schools (students, musicians, graphic artists), to simply any people curious to experience a new way of understanding music composition.

The goal is to perform pieces by trainees in a public concert situation.


Two three-day sessions separated by three weeks to three months:

The first session would ideally end with a concert of works from the UPIC’s existing repertoire. The second session would end with a concert of premieres by session participants (the third day of the second session is devoted to set-up and sound check and performance of the concert of new works).

Required equipment: a video projector, workstations with PC or Mac equipped with at least headphones or the ability to listen on monitors. (One station per person, meaning participants should bring their own laptops).

For the concert: broadcast system over six speakers, tailored to the dimensions of the venue.

Complementary activities: inclusion of the traveling exhibition "Iannis Xenakis and the UPIC" (see under heading "EXHIBITIONS")

We can also offer more general conferences / presentations but by specialists to introduce the public to the protean universe of Iannis Xenakis.